Hope House Treatment Centers

Patient and Family


“This place literally saved my life. Every staff member really cares about your well-being. I would recommend this rehab to anyone who needs the help. They have structure and don't mess around. I love this place and will be forever grateful for everything they have done for me.”

Rachel L., Alum


“I was on 30 waiting lists. I called Hope House in tears, begging for my life and the opportunity to get in ASAP. My prayers were answered when Ashley took me seriously enough to put me at the top of the list and I was in within a week. Hope House saved my life. The staff are amazing, the food is on point, and my community was beyond the best! I made great friends at Hope House and I'm now giving back by being a part of the Alumni Association. I cannot stress how amazing this place is enough! And I continued my treatment here with IOP and now OP with Mr. Barry - who is the greatest gift to my recovery, along with Deneen who was also my counselor when I was inpatient here. If you are looking for a wonderful rehab this facility is the best.”

Megan S., Alum


“Hope House saved my life. My first two rehabs were at resort type facilities - where our rooms were cleaned for us, gourmet food, etc. Hope House taught me to be responsible, to start taking care of myself, and a whole lot of humility. I never felt judged, just loved - from the moment I walked through the door! I owe my life to Hope House!”


Chris S., alum


“I had a great experience at Hope House. The staff and curriculum was effective. They created a perfect environment for detoxing and education.

Ginie H., Alum


“The staff at Hope House, especially [my son’s] counselor Jennifer, went above and beyond to care for my son in his very emotional struggle with his recovery. You all have given this family hope, one day at a time. God bless each and every one of you.”

Sandra H.C., parent


“Great place if you are looking for serenity.”

Monica M., alum

“A safe environment with a caring staff.”

Ben R., alum

“Great recovery. Great staff and facilities. Saved my life.”

Christopher S., alum


“I tried everything - high-end treatment centers, psychiatrists, AA, NA… the end result was always the same. My experience at Hope House was nothing less than extraordinary. Hope House gave me the tools to move forward in my recovery-based lifestyle. My future is bright & I can smile again!”

Jim B., Alum

“While this place might not have everything you want, it has what you need- that's straight from the mouth of the director there. I'll say they definitely saved [me]. I was far from a model patient but they put up with me. If you want to get clean this is as good as any other facility and I've been to a few.”

Matt L., Alum


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