Hope House Treatment Center

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide high quality, comprehensive, integrated, holistic, patient-centered treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental illness in a caring and supportive environment that equips patients to achieve sobriety and pursue a fulfilling life in recovery.



To achieve status as the premier provider of addiction and mental health recovery treatment for patient, support and advocacy services for families, and as a positive change agent in the communities we serve.

Our core values

  •  Person Centered Approach: Our people are our greatest asset.  Our programs and policies and procedures are designed to optimize the therapeutic experience of patient, family members, and professional staff, maximizing the dignity and respect shown to all.

  • Maximum Extension of Reach: We seek to provide affordable, high quality services to the greatest number possible, not ignoring the most fragile, by pursuing aggressive expansion and cost management strategies.

  • Continuous Improvement through Innovation and Best Practice: We are dedicated to incorporating innovative treatment and management practices to optimize the existing business model.