Serves in the capacity of counselor/case manager for an identified case load, as a member of a multidisciplinary team. Is responsible for provision of group, individual, and family sessions for patients/clients as well as development and review of treatment plans, all required documentation, and the presentation of educational sessions to patients about the various aspects of the disease of chemical dependency and the process of recovery. Provides family education sessions as required concerning the family involvement in the process of recovery. Is capable of providing staff coverage in any counseling area in the event of shortages, including intake, assessment, didactic presentations, family sessions, individual sessions, group sessions, discharge planning, and overall case management.

The Utilization Review Nurse works independently to plan, implement, and/or coordinate quality patient care and cost effective utilization of healthcare services. Utilization Review Nurse coordinates medical and/or pharmacy prior authorization request, perform preadmission, concurrent and retrospective review of inpatient admissions and outpatient services, identifies cases for case management.

The cook is responsible for providing for the safe and sanitary operation of the Food Service Department in the preparation and distribution of food, the care and cleaning of equipment and the washing of dishes. The cook provides meals to patients and staff as required by the Kitchen Manager to insure appropriate dietary needs is met for all patients.